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Drive The CyberTruck In AR/VR

Drive the CyberTruck in virtual reality & augmented android simulation right through your browser! Click play for the VR experience immediately. For the AR simulation experience, you need to add the browser extension, WebXR Emulator. It's currently only available on the Chrome & Firefox browsers. To activate WebXR:


Step I: Hit Ctrl+Shift+I then the arrows >> at the top-right corner, then select WebXR from the drop-down box.

Step II: From the new dropdown box that appears, scroll to Samsung Galaxy S8+ (AR). Here's a tutorial video.

For iOS: VR driving works in desktop mode on ipad. iphone app works great as well but it hasnt been published so Android users take the victory on this one.

       Built it using UNITY3D & JavaScript and currently hosted on Unity Cloud. Experimented hosing it on AWS like I normally do but I ran into an issue as the free tier didn't support WebXR. So I went ahead and deployed it on Unity CLoud as a game and it seems to work fine depending on the device. 

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